How to become a pilot


Join our next information meeting on how to become a helicopter pilot. The next meeting in Zürich is on April 9th 2018. Just use the contact form to enroll or set up an appointment with a flight instructor for a personal talk.

The Heli-Züri staff gladly answers any questions you have about becoming a helicopter pilot. As an alternativ we offer special trail flight lessons, where you can learn the basics of flying a helicopter and make your first experience as a pilot.

Contact us by phone +41 43 399 34 44 or use the contact form.


 More dates for information in 2018 will be held on:

Monday, May 7th 2018  Monday, September 3th 2018
Monday, June 4th 2018  Monday, October 1th 2018
Monday, July 2th 2018  Monday, November 5th 2018
Monday, August 6th 2018  Monday, December 3th 2018


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