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Private Pilot Licence PPL (H)

The Private Pilot Licence, also called PPL in short, is achieved right after the trial flights. It is the first step to become a helicopter Pilot. It also provides the necessary fundamentals needed to acquire a Commercial Pilot licence. The completion of the PPL Program will enable you to fly non-commercial flights with passengers, domestic or international. Our quality and expertise of the training program will lead to a successful career in future aviation businesses.


The most important requirement to join a Private Pilot Training Program is to have the passion for helicopters and flying in general. Such a passion will inspire and motivate you to study and overcome the complex nature of flying a helicopter.


If you meet that personal commitment and dedication to join the PPL Program, then here are the legal requirements, as required by the rule:

  • A Minimum of 17 years old is required for this program.
  • A Medical Class ll certifacte from an authorized physician is required

As long as you have those two in your hand, the cockpit awaits you for a wonderful training and a marvelous career in future aviation businesses.

Medical Class II

To obtain a Private Pilot Licence, you must meet the Medical Class ll Certificate requirements, which is awarded by an Air Medical Examiner recognized by the BAZL.
We are pleased to provide you a list of specialized physicians in Switzerland.
pdf Vertrauensarzt des Bundesamtes für Zivilluftfahrt

Language proficiency Test (LP)

The languages used in flight radio telephony must possess the necessary degree so that they are also able to communicate comprehensibly in situations which cannot be described solely through the use of standard phraseology.

For this purpose they are required to pass a Language Proficiency Check in the languages used for radio communication.

Theory / Writen Test

To obtain a Private Pilot Licence, you’ll have to pass the practical exam as well as the aeronautical theory test. The aeronautical theory test consist of 9 Subjects, with 5 general and 4 helicopters specifics.

Whether you are obtaining a helicopter pilot licence or planning to become a balloonist, these 5 general subjects are required for flying. The helicopter specific subjects have a focus on the specifics and characteristics of rotorcrafts and the requirements for becoming a helicopter pilot.


General SubjectsHelicopter specific Subjects
10 Airlaw 20 Helicopter general and principles of flight
40 Human performances and limitations 30 Flight performance and planning
50 Meteorology 70 Operational procedures
60 Navigation 80 Aerodynamic
90 International Radiotelephony (RTI)  

You can attend the aeronautical theory course and start the practical training to become a PPL. The theory test has to be passed before you can attempt to file for the practical test.We recommend our students to combine the theoretical and practical training together. So the newly gained knowledge can be used on the hands-on training program.
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The sample bellow contains the minimum flying time of 45 hours as required by the JAR-FCL 2 in a training helicopter Robinson R22 Beta ll.

45 h Robinson R22 incl. Examination flight 20'115.- CHF
Fuel incl.  
75 lessons with Instructor 120.- CHF / h 9'000.- CHF
 Landing tax approx. 30 landings for 20.- CHF 600.- CHF
 Voice-Course 995.- CHF
 Theory class 1950.- CHF
 Theory materials 500.- CHF
 Medical Class II 450.- CHF
 Test fee BAZL 360.- CHF
Total cost*33'970.- CHF

* Fuel surcharge in addition to any expense.