Commercial pilot licence CPL(H)

The Commercial Pilot Licence also called as CPL is a necessary second step after the Private Pilot Licence for those who want to have a Professional Helicopter Pilot Career. The fundamental knowledge acquired during the PPL Training will be expanded and take you to an advanced level of flying and maneuvering a helicopter. Further training will enhance student’s overall knowledge on safety and will open up many new perspectives.


  • Modular Training
    Prior to the CPL training, you have to have a PPL with a minimum of 155 helicopter flying hours.
    To reach the required amount of flying hours between the completed PPL Training and the beginning of the CPL Training, we recommend combining other grades like mountain landing training (MOU) or night flight training (NIT), to build your flying hours.
  • Medical Class 1
    Medical Class l is required for professional pilots.
    Therefore, prospective Professional Pilots should obtain their Medical Class 1 certification for the PPL instead of the Medical Class 2, since Medical Class 1 certificate is required for the Professional Pilot program.

The first check-up has to be done by the Air Medical institution in Dübendorf. An Air Medical Physician recognized by the Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt can administer the periodic follow-ups.

The subjects can be tested individually or as a block examination.

General Subjects Helicopter specific Subjects
10 Airlaw 20 Helicopter generall and prinicple of flight
40 Human performances and limitations 30 Flight performance and planning
50 Meteorology 70 Operational procedures
60 Navigation 80 Aerodynamic

For the practical training program, there’s a minimum of 30 instruction hours required. Furthermore, 10 hours of simulated instrument flight rules and 5 hours of night flight are recommended.

To take the commercial pilot licence exam, you need to have a minimum of 185 hours of piloting a helicopter. Although the CPL Training Program could be executed on a Robinson R22, an early switch to a Robinson R44 or a turbine rating EC120 is highly recommended. Most of the commercial helicopter companies in Switzerland and foreign countries carry turbine helicopters or at least Robinson R44.

We offer freelance positions to our CPL graduates if available. The pilots will execute flights according to their experience and will get compensated for it.

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