Zurich-Rigi-Pilatus Scenic Flight

Whether you are a native of Zurich city or a visitor, this is an experience you cannot miss. Get ready to witness the best of Switzerland in one of our luxuriously equipped helicopter. It would take ah hours on foot, but minutes by flight, for the ultimate sightseeing adventure from the sky. 
Join Heli-Züri AG, for an exhilarating Tour in one of our luxuriously equipped helicopter, which will be sure to give you an experience to be remembered! 

As soon as you are up in the sky, you’ll begin to catch a view of the three beautiful lakes
around you;
The Zurich Lake to your south, the Greifensee to the east, and Katzensee to your north.

You will then fly over some of the beautiful landmarks of Zurich, by first passing over the Ueliberg (Mountain), and crossing Sihltal (Valley) and over the Kloster Metzingen (Monastery). After catching a glimpse of the Zuger and Aegerisee (Lake), you will see the Sihlsee (Lake) by Einsiedeln from the sky.

While pilgrims visit the benedict church in Einsiedeln by foot to admire the beauty of the black Madonna; you will get to see the Benedict church from the sky with the bird’s eye view.

From there, we will continue to fly toward the Alpthal and big Mythen (1’899 m.a.s.l.).
The route will also lead past the Lauerzersee (Lake), Kloster Ingenbohl Brunnen (Monastery) and the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake).
We will fly over Gersau, Vitznau and over the Rigi (Mountain), which is where you will see Europe’s first mountain railway, built in 1871.
Along the same route, we will also see the famous Kappelerbrücke (Bridge) and the Museggtürme (Towers) as well.

Once you are close to the Pilatus, your eyes start to wander over the towering peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (Mountains). You will also spot the Sarnen- and Lungernsee (Lake). From there, the Pilot will take you past the Rotsee (Lake), a Military airport in Emmen and towards Sempachersee (Lake).
You’ll then fly over the Baldeggersee which is the largest privately owned Lake in Switzerland, with the first artificial ventilation in the world. You will fly past the Rosengarden of the Heidegg Castle and get a glimpse of the Hallwilersee (Lake).

If you feel allured and captivated by the views of the snowcaps of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau; then it’s fantastic, because we offer a tour route, which is more dedicated and specifics to these mountains.

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